Opensend Success Guide: Turning Emails into $$$

Start here! This is your guide to getting the most out of Opensend.

Welcome to Opensend! We're thrilled to be partnering with you. Follow this simple step-by-step guide to get up and running, and to maximize conversions of emails that Opensend identifies for you.

  1. Activate your Opensend account and add team members
    1. Activating Your Opensend Account
    2. Adding Team Members
  2. Review our FAQ on privacy/cookie policies 
  3. Install Opensend on your website(s). This is how Opensend identifies your anonymous visitors. For each website you own, complete the following:
    1. If your website isn't built on shopify: Install the Opensend Pixel
    2. If your website is built on Shopify: Install Opensend on Shopify
      1. If your website is built on Shopify AND you have landing pages that aren't on Shopify,  Install the Opensend Pixel on those landing pages
  4. Integrate with your CRM/ESP. This is how you capture the emails so that you can initiate email sequences.
    1. Ensure that you are following email deliverability best practices within your email provider.
    2. If you use one of the following for email marketing, use our built-in integration: 
      1. Klaviyo
      2. Iterable
    3. If you use any other email platform, there are several options to integrate with your CRM/ESP of choice. If you have both a CRM and an ESP, pick the one that you use to create email sequences:
      1. Zapier - a no-code option to integrate with virtually any system, for a very small cost:
        1. Integrate with your CRM/ESP via Zapier as a DTC customer
        2. Integrate with your CRM/ESP via Zapier as a B2B customer - business intelligence fields available
      2. Webhooks - a direct integration to an API provided by your team. This is a good option if you don't want to use Zapier and have a IT/engineering team capable of developing an API:
        1. Integrate Opensend via Webhook
      3. Bulk delivery - if you are not yet ready to set up a direct integration, emails can be delivered to you on a daily or weekly basis. This is not recommended long term, as you will not be able to engage with the visitors in real time: Enabling bulk delivery
  5. Start engaging with your visitors. This is the crucial step for converting those emails into $$$!
      1. If you are a DTC (direct-to-consumer) business, follow this guide
      2. If you are a B2B (business-to-business) company, follow this guide
    1. OPTIONAL - Upload a suppression list. To ensure that Opensend isn't sending you identities that are already in your system, you can upload a suppression list. This can either be done via a CSV upload, or programmatically via our API.
      1. If uploading via a CSV, we recommend that you periodically update the suppression list, at your convenience. If uploading programmatically via our API, have your IT team set this up as an automated API call.
      2. NOTE: This is not required for customers using our Klaviyo integration, as we will not send you identities that already exist in your Klaviyo account. 
    2. OPTIONAL - Integrate with Facebook. Do you do any advertising on Facebook or are you planning to? If so, enable our Facebook integration, where we'll upload Opensend identified emails into an audience in your Facebook Ads account. It'll only take a minute, and it's included at no additional cost, so you have nothing to lose!
    3. OPTIONAL - Revive existing undeliverable emails. Opensend Revive is a service to provide up-to-date email addresses for your subscribers where the existing email in your system has started bouncing / become undeliverable. People change emails frequently, and reviving these can be even more valuable than net-new website visitors, since they have previously subscribed or made a purchase - check it out here.
    4. See how you're doing. Between Opensend's dashboard and dashboards in your CRM/ESP, you can keep track of just how well you're doing. Keep an eye on how many emails Opensend is capturing for you, as well as your open and conversation rates.
      1. Check out the Opensend Dashboard.
      2. If you use one of the following email marketing platforms, we recommend building some additional reports to track revenue and engagement from Opensend-identified visitors: 

      What to expect in the first two weeks

      Within two weeks of going live, Opensend will have demonstrated our capabilities for identifying your website visitors - transparency is one of our core values, and we want you to get a sense quickly of what we’re able to accomplish. By the end of your first couple of weeks, you’ll know for sure that we’re able to deliver what we promise - accurate and deliverable email addresses for your website visitors.

      There are a few things we’ll look to accomplish during this initial phase:
      • Validate the number of identities that we’re able to capture each week, to ensure that you are on the most cost-effective subscription tier and can take advantage of our built-in bulk discounts
      • Our role is to deliver the identities, your role is to ultimately convert them. Experiment with an initial set of email sequences, to get a sense of open and click rates. If these are low compared to our benchmarks, we will help you make optimizations.
      • Similar to any other ecommerce enablement tool, don’t expect to reach your maximum ROI immediately. While you may capture some orders directly from your initial email sequences, the bulk of the value will be realized over time as visitors move deeper in the funnel. If your open and click rates are strong, you can be confident in ultimately achieving a strong ROI.