How do I install Opensend on my Shopify site?

Seamlessly integrate Opensend into your Shopify store to start collecting visitor information

  1. Navigate to the Integrations tab
  2. Click Main Connections
  3. Click Shopify App
  4. Click Setup
  5. Once the Shopify app is provisioned by the Opensend team, you should be able to see the install button. Click on the Install button and install the app on your Shopify store
  6. Click the Install button from the Shopify store

  7. Once the app is installed you will see this confirmation message

  8. Follow these steps to enable Opensend from your Store
    1. From your Shopify admin, go to Sale channels > Online Store > Themes and click on Customize button.

    2. Select App embeds. and click on the switch to enable Opensend App Block.

    3. Click Save and Exit.

  9. Once the Shopify app is installed. You should be able to see the success message on the Shopify tab on the Opensend Dashboard

  10. Please make sure that the "Shopify App" toggle is turned on from the settings.