How do I integrate Opensend into Iterable?

1. Add the Iterable details

a: On the “Integrations”, you will be asked for the API Key for your
Iterable account

b. To get the Iterable key, Login to your Iterable account and hover on the "Integrations" link in menu, then select "API keys".

c. Click "+ Create API Key" button

d. Set API Key Name to "Opensend", select type "Server-side" for your API key and finally click "Create" button.

e. Copy the API key in the next screen and paste to "API key" field located in Opensend "Iterable" section. Finally press submit button.

f.  In the “List” dropdown, select the list or create a new one where you want the Opensend contacts to be added on Iterable.

g. Under the fields dropdown select any default fields from Opensend you want to send to Iterable.

h. Finally, Press the “Submit” button

i. Make sure the Iterable toggle on top is enabled in order for the integration to work