How do I install the Opensend Pixel on my website?

  1. Navigate to the Integration tab
  2. Click Main connections
  3. Click Opensend Pixel
  4. Click Setup
  5. Add any custom fields you plan to use, these fields will be associated with the identity and can be used with any delivery integration.
  6. Click on the Submit button to update the pixel code if you added additional custom fields
  7. Copy the script from the HTML tab and insert the copied code within the <head> section (not <body>) of your sitewide head, so that it will fire on every page.
    1. You can also add the pixel via GTM if that is your preferred method of choice. Instructions here.
  8. Please make sure that the "OpenSend Pixel" toggle is turned on from the settings.
Add pixel via GTM (Google Tag Manager)

Note: If you are using GTM to add the pixel then copy the code from "GTM CUSTOM JAVASCRIPT" tab

    1. Log into your Google Tag Manager workspace by going to
    2. Click Tags on the left-hand side, then click New
    3. Give your tag a name, like “Opensend – Pixel”
    4. Under Tag Configuration, choose the “Custom HTML” tag type
    5. Paste your Opensend pixel code into the “HTML” box.
    6. Under Triggering, select the All Pages trigger
    7. Click the blue "Save" button in the top right corner
    8.  Finally, submit and publish the changes