Best Practices for Engaging B2B Website Visitors

B2B businesses are usually already doing cold outreach to leads generated from a variety of sources. Your engagement with leads provided by Opensend should be similar, and you can likely take advantage of your existing workflows.

For example, if you have an SDR/BDR team doing outreach, ensure that they are reviewing visitors identified by Opensend and reaching out to leads that look to be the best fit. Either ensure the enriched data fields (such as Company and Title) are being pulled into your CRM via integration, or give your BDR/SDR team access to the Contacts List in Opensend, where they can view any available enrichment data about each contact. You can also export a CSV with these enriched data fields for your team.

Keep in mind that not every lead will match your ideal customer profile - only a small percentage of your website visitors need to turn into qualified leads for you to close more business. You're looking for gold amongst the shiny rocks, so use the data provided to identify the leads and companies that are most likely to convert.

Optionally, you can also set up a welcome email flow specific to Opensend identified visitors. This should be done in addition to your standard BDR/SDR outreach workflows, not as a replacement. A good welcome email will:

  1. Use language like "Welcome to the [Brand Name]", so that the visitors is welcomed and not misled into an action they have not taken.
  2. Include metrics and case studies relevant to the lead's business that highlight your value.
  3. Link to valuable content from your website (i.e. a whitepaper or blog that the lead will find interesting)
  4. DO NOT use language like "Thank you for subscribing" or "Thank you for registering", since visitors identified by Opensend did not take that action.
  5. If applicable to your business, offer an incentive. These leads did not explicitly ask you to contact them, and are generally more likely to meet with you if you offer an incentive.

Need more help crafting great outreach emails that maximize your chances of converting? Check out this great guide published by the experts over at Instantly - you can use the fact that this person just visited your site to personalize the outreach!