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How do I export contacts as .csv from Opensend Dashboard?


  1. Go to contacts tab from Opensend dashboard
    Note: In case of B2B you will see three tabs on the top and you can select the tab from which you want to export the data. 
  2. To ensure that you download the complete data for contacts in a CSV file, it's important to select all the columns that you want to be included in the file. By selecting all the columns, you can ensure that the downloaded CSV file will contain all the desired information.
  3. In order to select the contacts tab columns to download, click on the gear icon from top right and select/deselect the columns you want to download. Finally click the save button
  4. Click on the download icon from top right
  5. Select the date range you want to download the contact data from and press the Download CSV button
  6. Downloaded CSV file contains email addresses and additional info for delivered business profiles (company, title, location, social network URLs etc.)