Understanding Opensend's Integration System: A Comprehensive Guide

Opensend provides complete control to manage integrations on the dashboard. You can easily map Traffic Sources to the desired Destinations as required.

What are Traffic Sources on Opensend:

Opensend requires adding a pixel to your website to identify traffic from your website. Opensend has two traffic sources/methods available to resolve identities from your website:

  1. Opensend Pixel: Available for all users to add on website to identify traffic
  2. Shopify App: Only available for Shopify users to install on the website to identify traffic

What are Destinations on Opensend:

You can integrate Opensend into your desired destination platform to receive data on the resolved identities. We provide a range of integration options on our dashboard where you can seamlessly receive the data on identities resolved by Opensend.

What is the difference between Main connections and Other connections?

The primary difference between Main connections and Other connections on Opensend is that Main connections help you decide which contacts you want to resolve from Opensend and integrate to your primary destination, while Other connections are used to push all or a subset of Opensend contacts to the destination platforms based on the filters you plan to use. Identities resolved via the Main connection are the ones that are counted in the Subscription quota. We do not charge for data provided via Other connections.

Another notable difference is that in Other Connections you will also see additional integration Options such as Facebook and Google. Based on the rules you set up for other connections and your integration type, we are going to deliver data based on your setup traffic filter for other connections allowing you to segment data additionally based on your traffic filter. 


  • Your primary destination for identities is your email marketing platform - you install the Opensend pixel or Shopify app on your website as your Traffic Source, then connect Opensend to your email platform as the "Main connection" using one of our native integrations (i.e. Klaviyo, Iterable, Braze), via Zapier, or a custom webhook. Now all identities resolved by Opensend will be delivered to a list in your email platform.
  • Next, you want to add Facebook to your setup to receive all identities to a Facebook Custom Audience. You accomplish this by setting up the Facebook integration as an "Other connection"
  • Finally, you want to send an event-based email to visitors who navigate to certain pages or trigger certain events, perhaps a particular product page or a cart/checkout abandonment. You create another connection under "Other connections", picking a different list in your email marketing platform to add identities to, if they meet certain filter criteria.