How do I integrate Opensend into Braze?

Go to the integrations tab on the Opensend Dashboard
  1. Click Main Connections
  2. Click Add Destination

  3. Select Braze
  4. Add Name, Description, and Click Next
  5. Add the Braze details, you will be asked for the Zone and API Key for your Braze account
    1. To get the Zone details, log in to your Braze account and click on Settings -> App settings.

    2. Check what is your app’s SDK endpoint.

    3. Go back to Braze Integration on Opensend, open the Zone dropdown, and select your Zone based on your SDK endpoint.

    4. To get the Braze API key, go back to Braze and click on Settings -> API Keys.

    5. Click "+ Create New API Key" button

    6. Set the API Key Name to "Opensend" and select the following permissions:
      • user.track
      • users.export.ids
      • purchases.product_list
      • purchases.revenue_series
      • purchases.quantity_series
      • events.list
      • events.data_series


    7. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save API Key".


    8. Copy the API key in the next screen and paste it to the "API key" field located in the Opensend "Braze" section.

  6.  Under the fields, dropdown select any default fields from Opensend you want to send to Braze
  7. Click the Next button
  8. Select the Traffic sources from where you want to receive the data
  9. Click Create Connections
  10. Select the connections and Click Publish