What are the benefits of Opensend's Klaviyo integration?

When you utilize Opensend's out-of-the-box Klaviyo integration, you get some added benefits - this is what they are, and why they're awesome!

Opensend's Klaviyo integration does more than make it easy to sync your Opensend identified visitors into Klaviyo!

Through Opensend's tight integration with Klaviyo, Opensend shares visitor contact info with the context of that visitor's Klaviyo session. So, if a visitor identified by Opensend abandons a product, cart or checkout, your existing email sequences for those scenarios will be triggered. These email sequences are even more likely to convert than the welcome email sequence - so make sure you're not filtering Opensend-tagged emails out from those sequences.

That's not all!

When a visitor who's email address you already have in Klaviyo visits your site, but Klaviyo doesn't recognize them (i.e. they're on a new device, cleared browser cookies, etc.), and Opensend does recognize them, Opensend connects the dots for Klaviyo, letting Klaviyo know that this session is from the existing identity in Klaviyo. Opensend does not take any credit for engagement/revenue related to this scenario, and will not tag these emails as Opensend, its just an added benefit of our service - for free!