How does Opensend determine which website visitors to identify and can I change the criteria?

Opensend's proprietary machine learning algorithms have identified the optimal thresholds for qualifying visitors who are showing real interest in your website, and will only send you the identities if those thresholds are met. Factors such as time on site and pages viewed are taken in to account.

The standard filter for DTC sites is 55 seconds active time onsite.

The standard filter for B2B sites is 15 seconds active time onsite. This threshold is lower because there are far fewer accidental views of a B2B website.

The Opensend team will work with you to monitor performance at these default thresholds, and will adjust them as needed to optimize the identity resolution rate. As you monitor your deliverability metrics such as spam rate and unsubscribe rate these can be adjusted further if required. If necessary, a "pages viewed" and other filters can also be added. Please reach out to our support team using Contact Support form if you believe your thresholds need to be adjusted.