How do I set up an email sequence in Klaviyo?

Setting up a segment and email sequences in Klaviyo to engage visitors identified by Opensend

Because of Opensend's tight integration with Klaviyo, Opensend shares visitor contact info with the context of that visitor's Klaviyo session. So, if a visitor identified by Opensend abandons a product, cart or checkout, your existing email sequences for those scenarios will be triggered. Generally, your existing abandonment flows will work great for these scenarios, though you can optionally created Opensend-specific abandonment sequences.

It is crucial to create a welcome email sequence for Opensend identified visitors who do not  trigger the existing abandonment email sequences, and here's how to do it!

1. Create a Segment on Klaviyo to categorize contacts from Opensend

a:  Enter your Klaviyo main dashboard and on the left sidebar click the “Audience” dropdown

b: Select the “Lists & Segments”

c:  On the top right section click on the option “Create List / Segment”


d.  Then, select the right box “Segment” 

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e. On the “Name” box, enter the name

f. Leave the “Tags” box empty

g.  On the “Definition” box select the option “Properties About Someone”

h. On the “Dimension” area select the option “tag” equal to “Opensend” 

i. Next, click on “Create Segment” – Klaviyo will find all of the people that matched the segment


2. Send emails via a new welcome email flow

j.  Now from the left bar, click on the Flows

k.  Click on the Create Flow button


l.  Click on the Create from Scratch button

m.  Enter the Flow name and leave the Tags field empty


n. Select Segment as the Trigger for this flow


o.  Select the Segment you create for Opensend contacts in previous steps and finally press Done


p. Now create an email which you want to send to the contacts coming from Opensend, following our best practices for welcome emails.