Best Practices for Postcard Design

A good marketing postcard will capture your audience's attention within a mere 8 seconds. What adds to the challenge is the necessity to achieve this impact on either side of the postcard. Therefore, before finalizing your design, it's crucial to ensure it meets industry standards. Here are a few essential tips to cover the basics of marketing postcard design:

  1. Comply with the sample postcard template: Make sure your design is consistent with PDF template
    1. The PDF file should have page dimensions of 6.25 Inches(width) x 4.25 Inches(height).
    2. The PDF file should contain two pages. The first page is for the front of the postcard and the second page is for the back of the postcard.
    3. Compliance with the sample postcard template, including space for indicia and addresses, is essential.
  2. Choose Color Schemes Thoughtfully: The color scheme of your postcard plays a significant role in grabbing recipients' attention. Limit your palette to four colors that complement your company's logo and message. 

  3. Highlight Your Brand: Ensure your brand name and logo are prominently displayed on your postcard, preferably in the upper left corner. This strategic placement maximizes visibility and aids in brand recognition, even if recipients don't immediately engage with your offerings.

  4. Craft Compelling Headlines: Your headline should captivate recipients within 2-3 seconds, emphasizing clarity over creativity. Focus on addressing why your brand matters to them and how it can enhance their lives, using concise yet impactful language and compelling facts.

  5. Utilize Eye-Catching Images: Incorporating high-quality, relevant images on your postcard captures attention more effectively than text alone. Opt for images aligned with your target audience's interests, avoiding cluttered or overly colorful visuals.

  6. Include a Strong Call-to-Action (CTA): Direct and commanding language in your CTA encourages recipients to take action, utilizing second-person pronouns like "you" to engage readers personally. Incorporating limited-time offers adds urgency, motivating prompt responses.

  7. Integrate QR Codes: Including QR codes on your postcard simplifies the process for recipients to access your contact information and offerings. This convenience enhances engagement and encourages direct interaction with your business. There are a number of free QR code generators that can include a unique url to help measure the success of your postal campaign.

By following these tips, you can create a compelling marketing postcard that effectively captures your audience's attention and drives engagement with your brand.